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We Provide Exceptional Servive

Located on the northern beaches we have been servicng the industry for over 20 years. We specialise in treating anxiety and depression. Roughly 5 million people in Australia suffer from anxiety every year. It is Australias most common mental health Symptom.  With some symptoms being severe and others being moderate and some mild.

With over 20,000 registered psychologists it can be hard to know who you should choose for treatment. We aim to make the process a simple one.


Can a therapist help? We believe a therapist can definatly help reduce the symptoms of anxiety & depression research clearly show therapy is the best treatment option available for reducing anxiety and depression. Therapy from a registered psychologist should be the first option in any treatment plan.

Abut anxiety

Anxiety is thought not to be cause by a single event but rather a build up of many factors such as a traumatic event loss of sleep diet and exercise and genetics and family hystory.

 It is thought genetics play a major contributing factor in the symptoms of anxiety while some argue it is the environment people are in or bought up in. The studys still are not exactly diffinative.


It is thought different personalitys are more prone to anxiety attacks and symptoms. While some research suggests attachment patterns to parents in early child hood have a major influence in anxiety in adults. Attachment theory is one of the most diffinative theoruy to affect how a person should be treated however it is not widely accepted in the medical field. The research is beyond disputable with some of the best breakthroughs in recent times coming from attachment theory. Dan Siegal is mainly responsible for breakthroughs in this research. The psychology world looks forward to the next 5-10 years in further developing this research.

Trauma and anxiety

A traumatic event can greatly increase the symptoms of anxiety. It is in general thinking anxiety is a build of multiple events and circumastances it can also be from 1 major life event such as a death in the family or some form of highly traumtic event.

Exercise Lifestyle

Exercise and lifestyle are thought to play a major contributing factor to anxiety. A common tool in the treatment of anxiety is meditation and yoga. This is an attempt to try and calm the patient outside of therapy. This combined with refular therapy is thought by most to be the most effective for of therapy.