Depression is thought to affect one million Australians per year and is the most common form of mental illness apart from Anxiety. If someone you know is suffering from depression it is important that they see a doctor and speak about treatment options. Depression in high symptoms can be dangerous and most suiceds are linked to some form of depression . Depression is not classified as dangerous by most.

Therapy Length

The length of therapy required to treat depression can be long up to 15-20 sessions for moderate depression is recommended while some prefer even longer periods of therapy to affectivly treat depression.

Do I need Help

If you are not sure if you need help or not there are many free service that can help you make that descision. We recommend a visit to your local GP followed by a visit to a psychologist. In some extreme cases a visit to a psychiatrist maybe recommended.

Beyond Blue

If you are suffering and require free help Beyond Blue are recognised as Australias leading free service in the treatment of depression.

Psychic Help

We all need help sometimes and you should not be ashamed many clients who have sought alternative therapies for healing have been helped by clairvoyants and mediums

It is human nature to look for other ways to find solutions to problems should you not be able to get a result. Conventional help simply does not always help. We are here to help and if a phone psychic can help well why not.

We do not judge and encourage all others not to jusdge as well hope and happiness belongs to everyone and if you set your mind to it you can have happiness as well.